Wayrex Holding Company personnel policy regards employees as a valuable asset and a key development resource.

We understand that investment in human resources is the most efficient long-term investment in our business.

The Company's personnel policy is based on:

  1. Openness and transparency
    • The formulation and approval of the Company's strategy and objectives involves all employees.
    • Human resources' decisions are made upon consultation with managers and specialists of all levels.
    • Prospective employees are recruited from an open labor market.
    • The Company aims to establish long-term employment relationships based upon the observance of labour legislation requirements and social partnership principles.
  2. Recognition of professional abilities
    • The Company maintains high professional standards in the recruitment and management of its personnel.
    • The Company highly values personal responsibility, target-orientation and striving for professional development.
    • The Company applies advanced integrated unbiased methods of personnel appraisal which allow for sound assessments of the future potential of employees promoted to management positions and new entrants.
  3. Development-oriented
    • The intensive pace of development of the Company's business continuously creates new opportunities for improving professional skills. Our employees are ambitious, creative and mobile.
    • We encourage our personnel not only to gain new roles but also to accumulate new knowledge, skills and experience.
    • The Company regards individual career planning as its mission to be accomplished through plentiful opportunities for new positions and the implementation of training and professional development programs.
  4. Loyalty
    • Efficient day-to-day business is closely tied in to the values and rules governing the activity of the Company personnel. Whilst preserving their independence of mind, Company employees strive at all times to be respectful and supportive of each other and to save and understand the value of the Company's resources.